About Us

Simple Modern SVG is a collective of Vector Files for artworks, hand-drawn images, illustration, drawings, and more.

We create Simple Modern vector files from hand-drawn graphical patterns or hand-lettered quotes. Using Inkscape to convert the artwork into vector files. We ensure that they are of high quality and clean smooth lines. They are easy to apply to your t-shirt, mugs, greeting cards, scrapbook, stickers design. Besides, you can also use them in your laser, cnc or die-cut project.

vector files for personal and commercial use

behind the scene

Eng Khoo & Ching Teoh

Greetings from the Studio!

We migrated to Australia from Malaysia in 2012. Everything has it own path and we are here! Sharing our work with you. We love to hear your thoughts. Comments and likes.

Besides running this studio, we also have a little shop selling Lightbox Signs. Check us out here bingkai.com.au.

See you around!

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