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How Many 5-star Reviews to Hit Etsy Star Seller Target?

Great reviews start with a great customer experience. Ratings are up to your buyers, but these tips for creating a 5-star-worthy experience are a great place to start improving. Positive reviews are a vital piece of criteria in earning a Star Seller badge, making it easier for shoppers on Etsy to know you have a proven record of providing an excellent customer experience. You’ll need a 4.8 rating average or above for the three-month review period to qualify.

Say, for example, you are now at 4.7 average ratings. So how many 5-star reviews you will need to get to the target of 4.8?

Need a calculator?

Here is the calculator for instant download. Just entered the current figures in your Star Seller dashboard into the calculator and you will know how many more reviews you will need.

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